The day's have gone by, when we could sing baa baa …….. sheep, and other traditional nursery rhymes, when we could say …….board, now instead we are insulted with it being called a white board!!!!! When we could sing country ditties without offending a person!!!!   When we could say that it was a … day without offending anyone standing by!!!! The amount of names I have been called during a child, never hurt me!!! That if we found something to be wrong in the street we could discuss it with our neighbour, without being reported to the Police or Local Council snoops!! Again I go back to my question, What did my Granddad fight in World War II for, or my Great Granddad in World War I.  We should be able to have a joke and a laugh without offending each other, without hatred pouring through our veins.  Yes if we go too far, if we bully or are very abusive, then action should be taken, but when it is a child's nursery rhyme, come on!!! I could get offended by it being called a white board, but I am white, I can't even tan in the sun!!! The difference is I am proud of what I am, and sticks n stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me! 

Why is this idea important?

Because the world is mad enough as it is, but I would like to say what I want without worrying if I will end up being sued, or put on some racist, anti … list, bigot, or whatever else you lot can find in the dictionary!!! Not that I am any of those things, but when it comes to nursery rhymes and stories told in Schools which have to be doctored, because "You can't say that word" then yes, Freedom of Speech is the most important part of being a Human Being, if you keep that from us, you might as well go back to cutting out our tongues, so we can't speak from birth!!!

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