The British pensioner has a problem once he/she reaches pensionable age and has family living abroad.  If the family is in Europe or the USA and many other places arounf the world, then there is no problem.

Should the family live in Australia, Canada, New Zealand or South Africa and other places, then they will find that they have no annual inflation increase for their pension.  This is fine for one year and maybe two or three but after 10 or 20 or 30 yrs of no increase and inflation doubling or trebling prices, then the pensioner is virtually destitute.  This is the case for many pensioners now and it is only family that save the day by having to support their parents which obviously they do but should they have to ?

Why is this idea important?

This problem impacts on the family of the pensioners as well as the pensioners themselves.

There is no logical reason why a pension should be frozen in one country and not another. Take Canada and the USA with their currencies vitually at par and prices likewise. One gets an annual increase and the other does not.

In fact the whole freezing policy is undemocratic, unjust and discriminatory against  pensioners who have paid their way in life only to be denied in retirement. 

The countries affected are basically all Commonwealth Countries ? I guess that they abandoned the Commonwealth for Europe but that does not explain why the USA and the Philippines should benefit for example.

This is a blight on the British and their known sense of fair play as seen by other countries.

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