Restore the right of ordinary people to take photographs in public places without fear of being criminalised.  It is a gross over exaggeration to regard anyone who takes a photograph of a policeman or a public building as a potential terrorist, or family and friends who want to take photographs of their children at school events as potential paedophiles.  Amateur photography  used to be regarded as a legitimate and acceptable pastime, not as an underhand activity to be regarded with suspicion.  I would like to see it restored to its former status.

Why is this idea important?

It is important to restore people's trust in one another, and not to alienate children from adults or vice versa.  Instead of the traditional presumption of innocence, there is a growing trend by the police and other authorities to regard people's actions as suspicious and potentially criminal until they can prove otherwise (Even what you put in your dustbin!).  This trend needs to be reversed.  And like so many situations where a small minority abuse a particular freedom, the answer is to find better ways of targeting that minority  NOT placing a blanket ban on the activity and removing the freedom from the innocent majority.

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