Remove Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth from her duties as head of state and head of the Church of England.

Why is this idea important?

As things stand, our head of state, the Queen, claims her right to lead is provided directly from God.

I feel that this is probably not an accurate summary of the situation so it may prove valuable to remove this part of the constitution of Great Britain.

I am NOT calling for the execution of Her Majesty or of her heirs, just a gentle retirement for a much loved part of the British scene.

To those who fear the potential for a loss in revenue generated by tourism, I would remind them that Bicester Trading Village, Oxon. enjoys more visitors than Buckingham Palace throughout the course of the year.  Indeed, Buckingham Palace and other Royal sites and buildings could be redesignated as sites of historical interest or be redesigned in to shops, schools, libraries or performance venues.

Sandringham, a personal favourite of Her Majesty's, could be presented to the Queen with the grateful thanks of the nation for her and her father's service to Britain.

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