Frozen pensions for expats abroad

In many parts of the world, including Canada where I live, our pensions are frozen at the rate when we first claim. ie. no inflation increases or any kind until the day we die.  Many of us who have paid in, including buying additional years for when we were out of the country, will face poverty in the future.  Many are already living in poverty, and some are having to return to the Uk just to get the full pension.  There they cost UK taxpayers in increased health costs, housing etc.  Just ask Age Concern what the issues are.  Why is the British Government hiding behind a loophole to avoid paying us the pensions we have fully paid into???


Kathryn Withers

Why does this idea matter?

Because it affects thousands of Brits living abroad where Britain does not have a pension agreement with that country, these include Canada and Australia to name but two.  If we lived in the US or in any European country we would be paid the full pension increases.

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