I absolutely echo Morgeo`s comment. The House of Lords, the European Court for Human Rights and the British Politicians, of whatever persuasion, have politicised this and forgotten the basic facts that those of us living in retirement in Australia (and other countries) are discriminated against by having our pensions frozen at the rate on the day we moved (overseas).

We were not informed of this `policy` – just left to find out about it.

How can it ever be just to pay index-linked pensions to those living in most overseas countries and not in a few others…?

When will the politicians understand that it will be less costly (for them) to pay us our rightfully due index-linked pensions than it is for non-payment!

This anacronism must be removed.

I have written to Mr Cameron about it – as yet no reply!


Why is this idea important?

Because this pension decision is affecting, by definition, those over 65 and many who are more elderly and badly in need of their due income.

With the weakness of the British pound the nett pension received is even less – my idea that politicians stop politicising sounds like pie-in-the-sky but one has to hope for common-sense justice.

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  1. They try to tell us that we knew before we emigrated. It is only in recent times that they have made anyone aware of this, but still the vast majority of UK citizens simply do not know. They are astonished when they learn.

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