This is a law that is never advertised, or talked about, as we found out to our cost one year after my first pension had been paid, three years after retiring to Mexico to live with family. Our full working lives were spent in Britain, paying into the system, not by 'agreement' as the government claims but without any choice, but expecting a reasonable pension on retirement.This pensions anomoly does not just apply to ex -Commonwealth countries, there are several other affected countries also. Why, I have to ask, are they included in this ridiculous law. No other civilized country treats its Seniors with such disrespect.

Why is this idea important?

The changing of this Law has been fought over and taken to the highest levels only to be turned down.  There seems to be no human feeling amongst the judges for the vast number of people who are struggling to live on very low pensions. Those of us living out of Britain are costing the country far less than if we were there – and we still pay UK taxes. Why, is it possible to retire to European countries and be paid a full government pension but not be paid it in Canada or Australia or any other 'frozen' country'? If we moved over into the USA we should get the full pension. What is totally wrong here is that there is one law for one group and a different one for another – totally unfair AND IT MUST BE ADDRESSED WITHOUT DELAY.

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