Remove any future increases in fuel duty.

Why is this idea important?

Fuel duty should be a percentage of the price per barrell.

Any increase in fuel duty affects everything we buy. Costs have to be passed on by manufacturers & retailers. Increasing fuel duty does not do anything for the environment. We do not use less. We simply switch our spending from other products to fuel. A massive boost to the struggling economy would be to reduce fuel duty by 25pence at the same time as setting a temporary price cap so oil retailers do not start pocketing the difference. This would allow a massive percentage of the country to spend on all sorts of items that they had been holding back on. This would boost manufacturing and retail sectors. This would also hopefully stop the steady slide that will bring motoring out of the reach of everyone and into the domain of the rich.
Fuel duty, road pricing, additional taxes…………. the ordinary man will soon be doffing his cap as the car goes by unless someone take a grip on the situation.

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