All drugs to be legalised, and in one motion we can destroy a large portion of criminal financing.

Why is this idea important?

Before you dismiss me as a lunatic, let me make it clear that I do fully appreciate the affects drugs have on lives. I worked in the police service, and  I saw the effects that drugs such as Heroine had on people.  It was truly depressing.

But, we have to be realistic.  Are we ever truly going to defeat the drugs trade?  There is a demand for illegal substances, and this demand is fuelling some of the most dangerous criminals and organisations in the world.   If we were to fully legalise, we could:  produce these drugs in clean, sterile labs where there would be no contamination of diseases; VAT tax revenue, which could help the deficit; legalisation may mean that some of these drugs may lose their "glamour" factor; and full health risks would be published on packaging and be part of the education process in schools. 

I do realise that this may mean that users would may not have used these drugs if illegal, start using, but we have to remember that we are all adults, and we should be allowed to make our own decisions on how we choose to live our lives. 

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