Too long have LGBTQ people not been able to share in the relationship of marriage. And we are not happy with being shoved into a separate and unequal box that is Civil Partnership. For the word – Marriage to be a part of law, It cannot have anything to do with religion. This is why I believe that we should all be able to marry legally, or none of us should. If the masses, and/or the religiously fervent, try to explain that a minority cannot have marriage because it offends them, then Marriage by name should be taken out of the law, and all relationships should be converted to Civil Parterships/Unions. A number of people will be against this idea whenever it is announced, but this is a campaign for equality. Full equality. Not segregation. Not "You are not good enough for that, but we'll give you this too keep you happy."


Also – A Conservative Party spokesman confirmed Mr Osborne had told Mr Tatchell: "David Cameron and I are very happy to consider the case for gay marriage."

This has not yet come around, and there should be a proper debate on the issue, of whether attempting to legalise segregational laws is segregationalist. (Candidly)

 My "Idea" is to legalise marriage for all, or to convert every single relationship in the country to a "Civil Partnership''. They are the only ways we can achieve equality. Personally, i would prefer the former, but it is not my decision.

And I am personally sick of people trying to sidestep this issue with – Separate, but Equal. Let me tell you something. Separate can never be Equal.

Why is this idea important?

This Idea, which I am extremely reluctant to say is my own, as so many have tried to promote before me. This is much more than an Idea, and It is important because while people are separate, they can never be equal. So all relationships recognised under the law should be equal. This is a monumental issue, that instills in so many of the LGBTQ community – including myself – that we are not equal, that we are not worthy of the same protections – That people must use different words when addressing us.

"Straight people have a 'Moral Vision'   – Gay and lesbian people have an 'agenda' "

Heterosexual people have "lives" – Homosexual people have "Lifestyles"

Unless we are all allowed the same Legally Ordained Relationship Status, then the law is discriminating on the basis of Sexuality, which until a short while ago i thought was illegal… Strange that.

This will be important, and will always remain an issue until it is dealt with. So this "Progressive Government", which now stands at a crossroads, has a difficult decision to make.

Do you give everyone equal marriage right – IE Str8/LGBTQ – give everyone equality under the eyes of the law.

Or do you continue to discriminate against the minority by giving them a "Separate but Equal" Relationship Status.

Well lets think about this for a second. "Separate but Equal", where have I heard that before. Oh wait, I know, America, at the start of the civil rights movement. Because Black people were allowed to sit on buses but were only allowed to sit at the back. That is metaphorically what is happening here. Again. We are allowed a Legally Recognised Relationship, but we are not allowed the full shebang because people would be offended by our use of a word.


Separate is not Equal, nor can it ever be.


I could go on forever listing the reasons why this is important, and why we should move into the 21st century, not stay in the 19th. You heard me right, this is archaic, and must stop.


It is important because your people are being discriminated against. End of story.

So its up to you. I can do no more. I can say no more. You have a chance to provide equality.

Will you do the right thing?

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