All too often, someone is offered compensation by a big company, but only if they sign a gagging clause. For ever after they cannot alledge that chemical X produced by company Y caused birth defect Z, so similar. They cannot say company M has unsafe working practices. Even to a Parliamentary investigation. Certainly not to a TV journalist or scientific researcher.

If they are offered compensation but refuse to sign the gagging clause, courts will refuse to grant their legal costs, on the grounds that they could have settled.

Change the law. Limit compensation terms to finance and expicitly ban any restrictions on speech.

Why is this idea important?

These gagging orders prevent rumours and gossip. Ultimately this prevents people in similar situations from linking up, prevents journalists from investigating, and prevents regulators from hearing of possible widespead problems.

It might be a bank using bailiffs illegally.

It might be a pharacutical firm making a dangerous drug.

It could be a financial advisor who steals client money or gives rubbish advice.

It could be lots of things, but gagging clauses are always not in the public interest. Give people the right to relate their experiences.

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