I am a self employed Gas Safe Registered domestic Gas Engineer. A responsible jobs were work has to be done correctly and to a high standard or people’s lives may be put at risk. I fully understand the requirement for domestic gas engineers to be monitored for safety and compliance with the gas regulations. The present method of ensuring that gas engineers are current is to re-examine the engineer every 5 years (in other words re-qualify the engineer). I renewed my qualification in April 2009 at a cost of £1000 and a week off work. No exemptions are made for the fact that I am a practising qualified gas engineer with years of experience. The requalification process starts at the basic level, it is assumed that the engineer knows nothing. It’s as if you walk through the collage door your memory has be wiped. Why? Why can’t the system be changed so that my present skills and knowledge are brought up to current day standards instead of assuming I know nothing and having to go through the whole qualifying process from basic level? The present method of re-qualifying gas engineers is nothing more than a money making system for the collages/examination authorities. The cost of the process is of course passed on the the customer. Do MP’s require re-training every 5 years? No of course not, being brought up to date, yes, so why can’t tradesmen be treated the same?

Why is this idea important?

It’s a time consuming and expensive method of monitoring gas engineers. The cost is of re- qualifying course passed on to the customer. Its more to do with making money for examiners than gas safety.

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