My name is laurie fear and im from Brighton

i dont see how straight people are aloud to call it a marriage and gay people have to call it a civil partnership.

I'm 17 and i come from a town called hailsham, i got alot of abuse because of my sexuality and i have found it hard to except myself , i had to move to Brighton because i got so much abuse i could deal with it any-more.

I just don't see how we have to be treated differently ,, we are all human beings and we should have the same right ,, we r not aliens froma diffrent planet ,, we r human beings

We should have the same right as everyone other person in this country and in this world 


i think we should have the same rights as straight people , i get so angry when people just sit there and stair at me and my bf because we kiss in public , the law needs changing and needs changing for the good 

Why is this idea important?

because gay people shouldn’t have different right to straight people because we  are  all human

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  1. Gay and lesbian people should be treated the same as others. However, no religious minister should be forced to officiate at a same sex or indeed any marriage ceremony and no church or place of worship should be forced by lay to ci onduct a same-sex or indeed any marriage ceremony.

    How sad that some LGBT people feel discriminated against or even worse subject to violence or abuse.

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