That the encouragement of voting otherwise than at a polling station should be removed.  In fact it should be impossible to vote other than at a polling station for anyone who is not medically incapable (and not just difficult) of getting to the station.  Being out of the country is just tough.


An election, especially if we have fixed terms, is known about well in advance and, if people care, they should make themselves available to vote in person on the day.

Why is this idea important?

Postal voting has many problems:


open to abuse

means some people vote well ahead of the rest of the population, while campaiging etc is going on.

damages the feeling of commuity by partaking an a vital 4-5 yearly ritual for about 15 mins.

Online voting has same problem of:

loss of community

but even more importantly removes any certainty of actual votes and would make it much too easy for inaccurate (either intentional or accidental) results to be achieved.  Paper leaves a fantastic easily visible accuracy which is very hard to manipulate.

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