The General Pharmaceutical Council will be set-up in September as the regulator for Pharmacy. Renewals will become valid 12 months after entering the register.

The GPhC needs to be given the power to

  • set part-year payments in order to avoid a rolling register and
  • needs the power to move the renewal date away form 1st January which is always a public holiday or other non-trading day.

Why is this idea important?

All pharmacists and tecnicians currently on the register will have their renewal due on 1st January each year. Anyone newly coming onto the register will have their registration valid for 12 months from the date they come onto the register.

This means that, over time, pharmacists and technicians will renew throughout the year depending upon the date they were first registered – a rolling register.

This will cause a huge administrative burden for employers – most emplpoyers pay registration fees for their pharmacist and technician staff – and will require constant checking of a pharmacist or technicians registration to ensure that they have the correct registration. Currently this only needs to be done once each year in February/March.

Furthermore, this must increase the cost and complexity of the process for the GPhC

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