That the present Lib Dem and Conservative Government repeal the legislation, and in some situations introduce new legislation to protect the rights of individuals. Areas would include;

  • Stop the routine monitoring of people by CCTV, Automatic Number plate recognition, facial recognition technologies, Travel cards i.e. Oyster, Chips, storing of emails, tracking of Internet sites visited, tracking countries visited by people, storing of text messages etc.
  • Remove innocent people from the DNA database and restricting any Police DNA database to consist only of people who have been convicted of a crime, and even then for a maximum period of 5 years following release from prison.
  • Restoring people’s rights to peaceful demonstration in a public place, the right to public assembly for more than two peopleincluding the right to protest in Parliament Square.
  • Extend right to anonymity of people making allegations of physical or sexual assault to the person(s) accused of such assaults.
  • Removal of speed cameras from positions other than adjacent to schools (where they should only work during daylight hours) or from other locations unless road traffic fatalities have occurred within prior 3 years.
  • Restore the ‘right to silence’ for those accused in court and prevent allegations of ‘bad character’ from being used in court. To reinstate the principle of double jeopardy in UK law.
  • Abolition of Enhanced Criminal Records Checks ability, under ‘any other comments’,  to contain any remark that relates to accusations where the applicant has not been charged, or has been charged and found not guilty, or other ‘soft’ unsubstantiated information.
  • The introduction of a written constitution to enshrine and safeguard the rights to freedom of the British Public (similar to Bill of Rights).
  • To restrict the growth in ‘no win no fee’ claims for damages.
  • To restrict Health and Safety legislation to practical and reasonable levels.
  • To stop Police forces from using remote control drone devices to film or otherwise record people, demonstrations etc.
  • To ensure the right to trial by jury for serious offences.
  • To remove the rights of the Police to stop and question/search people with no reason.

Why is this idea important?

For many years now, we have seen senior figures from the Government, the Police and security services, putting forward the premise that more and more restrictions on civil liberties is of ‘no concern to ordinary law abiding people’. This is the belief system that would eventually argue for the ‘ID Chip’ implantation in all people at birth. What this fails to recognise, is that the decimation of civil liberties creates a society where those who in the future may come to power, would use these restrictions against the public, yet people would be powerless to challenge, change or demonstrate against. Ironically it is a situation warned of by George Orwell.

As a society, we do realise that full restoration of freedoms will mean that some people will commit crimes that they would not have been able to, but we also hold dear the belief that this is the price of freedom – that freedom does come with a price, but the loss of our freedom is a far greater price.

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