It is time to get Brittan busy – jobs jobs jobs. As Nick said many times in the election that we should look to other countries as to how they resolve immigration, schooling and civil liberty issue then let do this for job job jobs. Australia never had a recession and has the lowest unemployment rate in living memory they implemented the following policy

  1. Shovel ready projects. Central government provided money to local councils for projects that were ready to go. Play grounds to roads, bridges to library and so on.
  2. Capital works. Major capital works such as desalination and fibre optic expansion. Some of these are on the go such as the Olympics and Cross Rail but the lack of positive PR and a mind the gap approach is not good.
  3. Pensioner rebate. One time pensioner payment pre Christmas which goes back in to the economy as essential purchases

In the great depression the Americans built the Hoover dam and saved a nation so let’s learn from these things and get Brittan busy.

Why is this idea important?

Learn from the past to better predict the future!

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