I'm 18 and i suffer from Aspergers Syndrome and Attention-Deficit Hyperativity Disorder (ADHD) which are forms of autism and i know how hard it is for someone living with a disability to get ivoloved in everyday life as i struggle with my conditions everyday.

Before being diagnosed with these conditions i was a hyperactive boy who was unable to fully understand the concept of my actions or even the simplest form of human emotion due to my disability.

Now unlike many of my peers my disability is relatively mild in comparison but i feel the negative aspects just as much as other people do.

Due to the mildness i am able to hide and control most of the diability due to the drugs that i take to help me understand what i should say and do and what i should not, however a boy in my music class is not so fortunate, the boys name i will not mention but i will give him the name of Simon.

Simon suffers from severe autism and dispraxia and i have seen first hand the cruelty of my friends towards him, the sheer loathing that erupts and spews out of them…and i'm ashamed to say that i to have been involved in the bulling even though i know exactly what its like to live with autism, as i want to continue to be liked my mates but when i pick on Simon deep down inside i really want to tell my friends  that i am just like Simon in so many ways.

True Simon might struggle in many aspects of life that most people deem as basic but there is one thing that is truly astounding and that is..well he is one of the most amazing musicians i have ever met. He is a truly outstanding flautist and composer and believe me this is incredibly hard for me to say as i'm an Classical/Opera singer so a diva i might be which means praising another isn't easy…the autism doesn't help.

Simon is also very keen on the subject of politics where when ever me and him can get the chance we readily debate the goings on of this weeks news, Simon often tells me that he wishes to become either a musician or a politician, something which i openly want to be aswell, but he fears going into the political profession due to the fear that he will be branded a freak, a retard etc

But a strong thing i believe in is if political parties are openly trying to get more ethnic minority, female and gay MP's why are they not as well trying to get more disabled candidates elected to office.

I just think that you should try and give diabled people more of a chance, as its all well and good saying something will change but its actions in these circumstances that could help change the way the world sees disabled people and it could help it for the better in so many ways as i'm sure their brains are filled with ideas and notions on how to help this country!!!!

Why is this idea important?

I just want people to understand that just because we suffer from a disability doesn't mean that were freaks who are here laughed at and avoided like some contagious disease, we're just like everybody else but we find certain aspects harder because of our disability.

I also want to show that no matter what you suffer from you can achieve your goal, take Andrea Bocelli who is blind and is now one of the most prolific Opera singers in the world or David Blunkett  who is also blind and rose to become Home Secretary.

Just because one is disabled does not mean you cannot achieve your dreams and i hope that this idea will be important to other people as well who know what its like to feel like you cannot acquire what you want due to something you believe is holding you back….Well i say reach out a grab it i with both hands as who knows where it will lead you in the future.

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