Replace all council activities and allow the home and business owners to organize all their services through private contractors. Tasks such as rubbish collection and  road repairs can be organized directly through private contrators who bill the homeowners directly. This idea is simply an extention of the private companies, such as water and power authotities, dealing directly with the public.

Why is this idea important?

A total scrapping of all councils  and thus illiminating all council laws and administrative costs.. The councils are nothing more than middlemen handing out contracts to private companies and are expencive to maintain.There are other benefits to scrapping councils .  The lobby groups are out of business, the unions no longer push up council worker wages and benefits and no longer control councils. In other words power returns to the people. A win- win situation for the home and business owners and community at large.

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  1. So who pays for the police, the schools, the roads?

    Do you really think that Whitehall could make sure your street was tarmac’d? Who would you go to if it wasn’t?

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