Remove the ASBO as a form of sentence in the criminal justice system and replace it with something more useful.

Why is this idea important?

What does an ASBO actually achieve? As far as I know, they are completely unenforcable and some epole even have pride in having them. Surely a more constructive method of handling minor offenses is required, especially when people are getting ASBOs for some of the daftest "crimes". For very minor offenses (such as noise nuisance, general horse play etc.), a caution from the police should suffice in that most responsible citizens would respond to a simple telling off. Though thias caution should not have serous legal ramification unless the offense is repeated. For more serious offenses where actual damage or serious disturbance or distress is caused, the criminal justice system should be used, as before the introduction of ASBOs, and an appropriate sentence should be handed down. ASBOs seem to have been introduced as a form of quick justice but actually let real criminals off their crimes and punish normally law abiding s=citizens who may have "slipped up" occasionally.

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  1. ASDO’s are a joke. So the victim will cause murder & then they can sentence VICTIMS for retalation !!!!!!!! The criminals should get locked up or face the death penalty. Death penalty should be in force in uk. ASDO is a let scum off polacy. Merlin Housing move criminals into my local area & give them ASDO’s for serious crimes & an asbo lets the criminal off for making victims life a living hell! I say kill the scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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