for small businesses that get no financial help , because they are funding it themselves, unlike the people on benefits that get £40 a week to run a business and help with their business financially,

I  run a small business and pay business rates, rent, water bills, electricity bills, insurance, its like having another home to pay for. I get no help just free advice and a paper to sign for the gentleman giving it. to keep him in a job through the government.


Everything you want to join ie the chambers you have to pay for , just for advice. there is nothing to help a struggling small business. that has to financially fund itself.


I say to the prime minister help. for the first year you get a cut in business rates that you struggle to pay with all the other bills. if the business rates goes up to full rate in the second year of my business it has put me out of business. i have no help with marketing, advertising. i have to do it myself and pay for it. Help the small business prime minister. you all encourage us to set up but where is the help when we have? do pack in and try to get benefits when i have worked all of my life to pay my taxes. and still paying my own stamp. the system in this country is all wrong.

Why is this idea important?

as I am a small business that set up in december and have tried my hardest to market myself . but as a sole trader it is so hard to financially keep going in the present time . advice is one thing for free but small businesses need financial help and professional interest from the government. I am a small community business trying to give a service to the local community. I would like to meet the prime minister . can he help all us small businesses,or is the help just for the big businesses. a local small business is a dying trade as they are all closing in the communites. i say to the prime minister meet me let me tell you what is needed. ?another year of these big bills will force me out of business.

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