There should be no requirement to pay equally for equal work.  There is no job that is identical to another and is carried out identically by different people.


People should be paid upon what they are able to 'demand' and what the employer is willing to pay.

Why is this idea important?

Pretending that there is such a thing as equal work is a throwback to a time when many people had very similar factory jobs and, it was thought, they all did the job equally.  That latter has never been the case.  People have always done a job differently and it is ridiculous that people have a right to the same pay just because they do a job with the same title let alone when people do quite different jobs.


Does a dinner lady do an equal job to a dustman?  Completely subjective as to whether what they should do is equal let alone the fact that they will always do their job with different attitude/effectiveness etc.

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