The most classic example I shall bring to your attention is amateur dramatics, which will include musical performance, dance, etc.  Popular with many children and young people.  I am involved with much of this, and also have a young child. 

At present we have some ridiculaous regulation where all children participating in a performance have to be 'chaperoned' at all times.  Yes, that is the right word, CHAPERONED!!!  Extra people are required merely to stand and watch individual children who are expected top be grounded in one place for what can be several hours before they actually perform their piece.  Okay, we all want children to be safe, but come on!!  These regulations require groups to recruit extra volunteers, which is not always possible, which can result in a production not going ahead at all!  It also cannot be much fun for the children to feel they are being treated this way.  It can be possible in a larger society, maybe a town musical society, but it is just not practical in many of the smaller rural groups.  There JUST ISNT THE TIME AND PEOPLE AVAILABLE.  In such locations, the amateur dramatics is one of the few activities available for kids, so why such over the top regualtions?  It is a stricter set of rules than even the under elevens soccer team have to put up with.  The result is that MANY groups are now saying they cannot have children involved anymore.  So the kids we are trying to protect are now MISSING OUT on wonderful opportunities that they would otherwise enjoy and benefit from.   If we care about our kids we would NOT make it so dificult for well meaning adults to provide things for them to do out of the goodness of their hearts.  Yes, we are talking largely about volunteers here, NOT paid professional bodies.  PLEASE PLEASE look again at this.  I am not saying get rid of every rule that wants to protect kids from the harm that can indeed be caused by a minority of people, but when it destroys good things for the children to do, it is counter productive.  I am not making a ficticious view of what might happen, IT IS HAPPENNING NOW.  I am involved as a videographer with many drama groups and similar, some small village societies, some slightly larger.  MANY are now refusing to take children in anything.  I feel this is a terrible shame for the KIDS THEMSELVES.  I CHALLENGE you to dispute this.  Volunteers work hard to probide activities, giving up their time and expense for no reward other than satisfaction.  Why should they be forced into such an impossible position?  You cant blame them for now deciding it is more trouble than it is worht.  And who is ultimately missing out?  THE KIDS THEMSELVES!!!!  Well, I suppose they are all nice and safe, just bored with less and less available for them to do!  They really do have to be chaperoned!  I am not just using that word to make a point here, it is the terminology used.  Do you not aggree that CHAPERONED is the most HORRIBLE word?   I have a son approaching four years old.  He is especially vulnerable as he has recently been diagnosed with autism.  However, I do not want him to spend his life being CHAPERONED thank you very much!  Supervised by adults when necessary, but NOT chaperoned.    Do we live in a Western democracy, or some oppressive middle-eastern regime?  The word chaperone conjurs up an image of the latter, in my view.  I am sure that many other activities, maybe sports, are suffering similar problems.  I am just using this example because I have involvement with it, and the rules seem particularly complex in this case.  I am not sure whether it is central legal regulation, or something imposed by individual local authorities, but it certainly needs a bill like yours to address such issues. Please look at this, and try to arrange a balance by bringing in something a bit simpler and manageable.  At a recent dress rehearsal, I was setting up my equipment in the auditorium.  Near to me was a young girl, about ten years old perhaps, talking to an adult about the productions she had been in.  She was not lost, or alone with a complete stranger.  However, after a minute or two, another adult bustled up to her, and told her off quite severely.  'What are you doing here?' she shouted.  'You should be with a chaperonbe at all times.'  My reaction was poor little girl,  why would she even want to be involved with amateur dramatics!  Incidentally, we are not just talking about small children here, it applies up to the age of sixteen, I believe. I do not want my son to grow up with quite this amount of rules restricting not only his civil liberties, but also the ability to expand and enjoy his interests.  PLEASE COMMENT ALL READERS, and please support my case. Thank you

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important mainly because CHILDREN ARE LOSING OUT!   Activities that were once easy to arrange and readily available are now becoming scarcer, and in many cases not there at all because of the ridiculous regulations.  HOW CAN THIS BE RIGHT OR GOOD FOR KIDS?  What was intended to protect them is in reality having the effect of taking more and more away from them.   Incentive for adults to provide such things for the young people in their community is being eroded and destroyed by this kind of regulation.  The result is that the CHILDREN ARE SUFFERING.

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