I find it offensive that everywhere i go in an already noisy world – this is added to by legally required noise pollution.

The constant noise of vehicles in airports – let them warn people of their presence with a bell when required – not constantly.

escalators.. do we really have to be told to get ready to leave the escalator?

lifts – why is it necessary to tell us the lift is going up? the illuminated arrows tell us and if we are unfortunate enough to be blind, we can ask, or probably work it out from the motion of the lift.

buzzers in banks, building societies, post offices etc. we are capable of looking to see when a counter is available. and and and..


Why is this idea important?

this is important as it undermines people thinking for themselves and taking responsiblity for themselves at an extremely basic level besides adding to the stress of daily living by adding to levels of noise pollution.

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