I work for a company which has had a large number of its home worker broadband connections "slammed" i.e. An attempt made to transfer the service to another provider.

The current provider was the person advising ous of the change using a standard termination notice but with no indication of who the new provider is – they are not told this.

We were abe to cancel this change but the only advice to determine the company taking over the connection was to contact OFTEL.

In every case after contacting OFTEL to report the problem and then waiting the required week for them to "investigate" the result in every case is – "We do not know and have not been able to find anything".

What is the purpose of OFTEL and if they cannot tell us why bother investigating? That is if they have ever bothered, which given the attitude of the staff taking the calls is anything to go by, I doubt they do anyway. 




Why is this idea important?

Save money and get rid of useless  bureaucracy

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