I would like to see the 2005 Part P building regulations abolished and replaced with a more reasonable law This regulation is supposed to deal with electrical safety and restricts the work that can be done on a domestic installation by a householder. In theory, a householder is free to do whatever work is required and then seek approval under building regs. The alternative is to pay to have a Part P approved contractor do the work and certify the work. In practice, the building regs fees and approval process make it almost unthinkable for a householder to work on their own electrical installation (if they feel competent enough) and then gain local authority approval.

The overall effect of this legislation has been to make a select group of the workforce (electricians) very well paid by what is a captive market with no other alternative than to pay large amounts of money, often for average or shoddy work.

I believe that electricians should still need to demonstrate competence and qualifications to do electrical work – nothing wrong with that. But a householder should be free to perform their own electrical installation if they feel competent enough.

I have personally witnessed an electrician in my own home, armed with only a screwdriver, perform electrical work that was supposed to be controlled under Part P regs. The same electrician then issued a certificate for electrical safety test that were NOT performed. At no point did the electrician use any test equipment. This electrician was contracted by a very large national gas installer. In othere words, they failed to perform the work properly and issued a false certificate. This type of fraud is commited daily.

Part P, as I recall, was introduced in 2005 by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister! Get rid of this extortionate legislation and dump it in the same place as the ODPM

Why is this idea important?

Part P in it's current form simply enables a householder to be ripped off. It does not do what it should do – control the quality and safety of electrical installers. Instead, it restricts the liberties of a householder and increases the cost and complexity of electrical work in the home.

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  1. I am 56 years old left school at 15 worked as an electrician all my working life time served with no qualifications yet a lifetime of experience not allowed to be part p registerd this is ludicrous

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