My idea is to remove personal injury compensation laws in the UK.  If someone is seriously injured at work due to a fault that can be proven to be with the company involved then surely that individual can sue the company concerned.  The Personal Injury industry has in part turned this country into a state more concerned about how much they get from an accident than not having one in the first place

I think removing the law from the public sector would be the best method rather than removing them ad infinitum. 

Why is this idea important?

At the moment if a burglar breaks into your house and hurts themselves whilst in the process of stealing items from your house they are entitled to sue you for compensation to cover any distress caused by the injury however they have come about receiving it.

Never mind the stress that being burgled causes, nor the fact that the victim isn’t able to sue the burglar (if they are caught) for the distress of having someone in their home uninvited, this law is wrong on many levels.

Aside from the rare cases where compensation is actually needed to help people, they appear to purely be a means of obtaining money for nothing.  Does someone who falls over in the street really deserve rewarding for their own clumsiness?

Why does someone’s ill health have a price (a broken leg – £3000 – a broken neck – £8000) and why is the reason for this ill health mean that someone is to blame for something that they could clearly do nothing about,  Personal Injury law is wrong on so many levels, to the point where Salford Council have a specific division set up purely to deal with the claims coming in for tripping over paving stones, one individual managed to put in 4 claims to 4 different councils in a 12 month period and earned more than the doctor treating her self-inflicted injuries… Surely that can’t be right?????

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