Get rid of all ‘red tape’ around Shared Ownership Property:

1) Ensure all contract are written in plain English, so tenants can understand what they are signed up to without needing to pay a solicitor and so Housing Assocation staff can deal with tenants correctly informed, faster, more effectively and easily

2) When tentant wasnts to sell let them do so on the open market without the so called nomination preiod required at present (if potential tenants are proactive enough they will be looking around for property being advertised by estate agents as well as waiting for details from local Housing Assocations

3) Make it easier for tenants to improve their property

4) Make it easier for tenants to report when services they are paying are not acceptable,not being done or up to standard

There are plenty of other things that I could suggest but these will do for starters…

Why is this idea important?

This would make both purchasing and selling a shared ownership property a lot easier, faster and easier for all involved (buyer, seller, the Housing Assocations, solicitors), and in an ideal world more ‘affordable’ for the home owner/buyer.

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