The idea is to get rid of each and every ridiculous politician in Pakistan and take the power off them completely.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is not just important it is critical to the well-being of the people in Pakistan.  We have had enough of the lies, deceit and trickery that come out of the mouths of those who are ruling the country.  As long as Pakistan is being run by people in Pakistan, the country will never become advanced; millions upon millions upon billions upon billions upon trillions have been paid into the Pakistani government to support its people and make the country prosper and bring itself into the modern world, and each time world leaders donate anything for the people, the poor never see any benefit from the generosity of the world "especially England".

I believe that a Pakistani task force should be set up here in England and run the country from the UK because let's face it, them lot in Pakistan who are sitting on the seats of power have not got a clue or, what is even more disturbing is that, they do have a clue but choose to ingnore the law of the world and more importantly the law of God.

It is a country that has reached the pinnacle of its decadence and something drastic has to be done to restore the balance of law and order.  The entire country is in depravity of the law "the politicians that is" the people want law and order but the politicians want chaos and destroy the ecconomy of the country because it suits them.

I for one say to the British Government do not pay a single penny to the lies and trickery that come out of the mouths of the crocodiles; and the specialist task force to go over to the country to do the job properly like building proper schools, facilities for those who are destitute, hospitals, ambulances and all those good things that make Great Britain GREAT!! 

I reiterate that; as long as those who are currently in power remain in power, the Pakistani people will endure another 100 years or more of connivance and will never be able to advance.  The country needs to be run by those who know how to run a country; for many years the country is being run by bandits stealing from the poor and the poor are to weak to do anything about it.

Pakistan have recently launched a TV station called A R Y.  These people are exposing the truth about the damage that these politicans have done over the years to the country, and now the politicians are trying to shut the station down but, they have been met with fierce opposition because A R Y are definately doing something for the people of Pakistan.


A better way forward is to set up a task force here in England  to do the job themselves and at least the public not only in Pakistan but here in England will feel assured that the money is being spent in the correct areas and not on private bungalows situated around the world.

Who is with me on this?

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