The Equality and Human Rights Commission is actually far from what it's name would suggest.  The main putpose of this heavily biased and expensive department serves only to grant privilege and extra rights to minority religious and ethnic groups at the expense of the British populace.  Frequently, this is achieved by forcing a "re-translation" of certain laws, the mis-use of the "Human Rights Act", expensive appeals to the European Courts and costly court cases to bypass or overturn sensible rules and regulations.   The Equality and Human Rights Commission is expensive (paid for out of our taxes) and lacks common sense. 

Why is this idea important?

This department serves no useful purpose.  It is costly to run, frequently forcing court cases without any real justification that are paid for by the taxpayer.  It is heavily biased towards so-called minorities. To such a point that it can actually produce a dislike of the "minorities" they are supposed to help due to their actions that anyone with common sense would see as wrong.

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