Get rid of the law on squatters rights.

To remove all laws that give people the right to "pitch up" anywhere they please, that they have no legal title to, cause distress and anxiety, inflict huge costs on to individuals, companies, councils etc so that they may get back something that was legally theirs in the first place.

Once these laws have been removed, enshrine in law the rights of the owners of a property or piece of land.

Why does this idea matter?

Why should a law abiding citizen have to nearly bankrupt themself to get rid of a person or persons, who, have seen fit to enter a property which they have no legal title to? At the very least there should be a fast track, similar to the small claims court with the same nominal costs, where by the legal owner can get these people removed from/off the property.

Equally why should local councils spend hundreds of thousands of pounds removing travellers from illegal sites, and clearing up afterwards?

In short, the rights of the owner of any property or piece of land should be enshrined in law, to protect them from the blatent use/abuse of outdated laws, and to prevent the stress and finacial burden on the individual & the tax payer.

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