The EU are producing some good legislation like the Invoicing directive which is allowing companies that operate across the EU to cut back on the administrative burden of trying to comply with the different laws in each EU country and instead having a standard system and process that can be used across the EU.

But there are still too many regional differences in accounting ledger requirements, invoice numbering requirements, VAT requirements, etc… Every time one EU country creates their own different law, software systems have to be tailored, people have to be trained and it adds massively to the cost of doing business across Europe which in turn increases the price of goods that every consumer pays.

Lets make Britain the most business friendly country in Europe, and lead the way in getting the rest of the EU to follow. Examine every law and think about how it adds costs to business.

An independent company did a study and they asked businesses what they wanted in terms of invoicing law. Some of it is included in the directive, some of it was ignored. Let the UK lead in implementing those things that business wanted but the EU ignored.

The study can be found here – see the final report

Why is this idea important?

Reducing the cost of doing business in Britain will attract global business to this country.

Reducing red tape helps British businesses compete against foreign rivals.

Reducing red tape reduces overall cost resulting in better prices to the consumer in a competitive marketplace.

Reducing the complexity of doing business within the EU allows businesses to easily take the step of expanding across the EU. Once the have that scale they can compete effectively against Asian and American businesses.

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