Travellers have far too many rights and the land owners have little if any rights over the land they own.

It should be illegal for anyone to enter private or public land and set up camp without written permission of the land owner and planning permission from the relevant authority. It should also be illegal for travellers to buy land for the sole purpose of setting up a camp without the relevant planning permission which should be given the same treatment as any other individual.

The land owners or affected residents have little justice when it comes to dealing with travellers who for some unknown reason have the odds stacked firmly in their favour. The recent case in Meriden highlighted the plight of the tax payers in the area and the blatent abuse of planning regs by the travellers and the local authorities.

The travellers already have enough state funded designated sites, these should remain and no new ones created. They either use these sites or buy a permanenet resisdence.

The power should be removed from the travellers and given back to the land owners and local residents whose lives and property values can be ruined by the selfish acts of the travellers.

Why is this idea important?

The last government caved in to the PC and human rights brigade and let the travellers actions be the priority, even if breaking the law, and the local residents and land owners were brushed aside and their views ignored.

This must end and the justice be handed back to decent law abiding citizens.

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