of people thinking motability cars for disabled people are free

they are not, If i want to get a motability car i have to give up the mobility componant of my DLA, which is nearly £50 a week. then some cars require a deposit to be paid, and not all adaptations to the cars are free either.

And on the subject of why 4×4's are available on the motability scheme, i think you will find that most people that get these are people who cannot get out of their wheelchairs or it would be easier for all concerned if they didnt have to keep getting in and out of their chairs, so they have to have bigger vehicles in order to be able to get in the vehicles, and the deposit for these bigger vehicles is in the the thousands of pounds, far from free.

so, what i am asking is, that the government informs the public of what the system is for getting a motability car, and to stop making people think disabled people are getting anything for free from left right and centre, we are not!!

Why is this idea important?

There is a general lack of information, or there is misinformation being put out there (mostly by the government in order to win the votes, disabled people arent stupid, we can see the government doing this) about things like motability and DLA

Disabled people are being scapegoated for all the financial troubles in this country and being given a bad name, i get dirty 'look at the scrounger' looks every time i go out these days, im getting to a point of not feeling like going out, even though im not a scrounger, im looking for work, but fat chance of that when there are 3 million unemployed, whose going to employ a disabled person before an able bodied person?


and the way to do that is to inform the public of the real purpose of DLA and Motability 

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