1.       Unemployed mothers.

Aim1: The increase of the opportunity for a mother to find paid employment through objective:

a)      The extension of a childcare to evening hours and weekends, which will increase the range of jobs that mothers can take up.

Situation now: Childcare providers, such as nurseries and childminders are open only on weekdays, usually until 5.30 or 6 pm.

Aim2: The increase of incentives for mothers to work and lowering gender pay gap, through objective:

a)      The provision by the Government of subsidies to childcare for working mothers whose children are more than 5 months old.

Situation now: In the South Gloucestershire Council area grants for the childcare are available to some parents who comply with eligibility criteria for the child who is over 3 years old. Those grants cover 12,5 hours a week of childcare only.

Full time (Monday to Friday, all day) childcare provision costs start form £800 a month. This leaves very little, if any, to working mother from her salary. This situation makes mothers reluctant to find paid employment. In both cases, mothers and children are in danger of living in poverty and of the reliance on state’s benefits and /or partners, who are often abusive.




Why is this idea important?

Current situation does not give any incetives for mothers to go back to work, disempowers them and make them dependant on state benefts or/and partners, who are very often abusive. It feeds the spiral of poverty.

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