There are so many people that have bought houses jointly, possibly because they could not purchase on their own. When couples split up someone invariabley has to leave the house to enable each party to get on with their life. Mortgage companies make removing ones name from a house that they no longer live in near on impossible – and there doesn't appear to be any legal way to remove a name, even if you can prove the other person still living in the house can make the payments on their own.

I suggest giving people the power to remove their name from mortages based on a set of criteria(i.e. if after 1 year they can prove the other person has been able to make payments)

Why is this idea important?

The fact that people cannot force removal of their names from mortgages/deeds allows vindictive partners to 'keep' people on mortages out of sheer nastiness. This suggestion gives fairness to both parties, not just the one that got the house. Gives power to enable people to move on with their lives.

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