Give teachers the right to remove unrully children without being penalised and prosecuted

Why is this idea important?

I myself recently finsihed high school; the standard of behaviour from my fellow classmates was appaling; my classmates were swearing; using thier phones; being disrespectful and could easily stop a lesson for the entire hour; when my teachers/tutors asked them to leave they recieved ofensive language and signs from the pupils; an entire class of 30 was stopped from recieving their education near exam time; eventually the headmaster was called to deal with the issue; but he could not do anything because the pupil refused to listen; when the headmaster asked the pupil to stay after class the pupil ran off swearing and cursing; this is just one of 1000's of similar stories I have from high school

If teachers/headteachers we're given the right to remove pupils from lessons, by the scruff of the neck if nessesary then pupils who want to learn and get somewhere in the lives will be able to.

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