Example:  We had a man enter our shop and the same man came to the outside of our home, claiming he didn't speak very good English and that he had mistaken our home for 'a restaurant'!  The Police caught the man just off our property, by which point was unable to speak any English at all!  He was very well known to the Police and has been in court over 50 (yes fifty) times for similar offences and stealing small items (clothes, food, wallets).  He is Lithuanian and the Police nor the Courts at any time have been able to prosecute him nor return him back to his home Country.

When someone continually reoffends and the Police have enough 'complaints', the Courts should be able to do something.  The problem with some offenders is they know the system, they are actually quite clever in terms of not being prosecuted.  In the meantime, they cause havoc to our residents and business communities.

Why is this idea important?

Improves community security and protects

Reduces crime

Reduces Police time and money

Gives the public confidence in our Police and Justice system

Gives a harder approach to reoffending criminals

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