i believe the police should be given the powers to stop noisy neighbours playing they loud amplified music that is disturbing their neighbours who cant even watch their own t.v in peace,  sleep in the evening and talk or study inside their own house!!!

whenever i call the police they say its not illegal and u must contact the enviromental officers,,which when u do they ask u whats your name adress ,,u must fill out forms etc..this is a very long process and makes our living a nightmare

why should we go through the hassle while the noisy neighbours and being distructive

i believe the powers should go to the police who i believe will turn up (when asked for help) on the spot to catch them red handed and can deal with the people on the spot and if it keeps on reacurring they can remove the speakers etc and arrest them or even give them asbos…

we need police help not paperwork hassle…

Why is this idea important?

noise can be defined as unwanted sound. It is a source of irritation and stress for many people and can even damage our hearing if it is loud enough. Many of us are exposed to stressful levels of noise at home and at work. Noise is on the increase in our society

A nuisance is often difficult to establish but, generally speaking, if something is unreasonable to the average person, a court might decide it is a statutory nuisance. Noise nuisance is covered by Part III of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EPA). This law empowers local authorities to deal with noise from fixed premises (including land) if they consider that the noise amounts to a statutory nuisance. Proceedings may be taken against noise from factories, shops, pubs, dwellings and stationary vehicles.

Thats why i say make it easier for the good people who deserve their peace and just want to live in their own house without noisy neighbours causing stress and nuisance.. giving police the powers will incredibly help and save time

4 Replies to “Give the police powers to stop loud music from noisy neighbours”

  1. Yes, please help us. If we are respectful to neighbours why the neighbours cannot do the same? Let the police stop this unsocial behaviour leading to depressions…..

  2. Yes give the police powers to stop noisy neighbours.If the same ones are doing it mostor all of the time.But if its a party now and again we shouldn’t mind i don’t mind now and again.To put a stop to that then we are sadder than sad we all need a party to pick us up now and then don’t you think this country is depressing its all work work work for a pittance pay and you can’t afford to play

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