This current forum for providing feedback is problematic in that it supports multiple anonymous registrations and has no author authentication.

I believe this is deliberate and that the forum is a token gesture so that the politicians can  use this website as justification for whatever actions they have already decided to take, under the label of "consultation".

The government should give us the opportunity to provide ideas and feedback in a manner that is not so open to abuse. The website could require validation via a login key sent to the physical address of any individual on the electoral role who wants to register. This information is already in the public domain.

Upon registering, the person could choose to remain anonymous from the perspective of the website and its administrators. But this would provide some form of validation of registered individuals and reduce the likelihood of mass registrations etc.

Why is this idea important?

It is important that the feedback forum is not discredited by accusations of multiple registrations, and other chaos that is likely to ensue from a website that allows effectively anonymous registrations. It currently even permits individuals not from the UK to register.

If this consultation is to be taken seriously then this needs to change.

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