I have lived in Council Housing and Private. Why do we still think building council (stigma, ASBO infected) housing is a good idea. My idea will save money for the government and give pride back to the, tax paying, working man/woman.

Everyone craves to buy their own home and those who have been lucky have, in the main, provided for their retirement from equity built over the 25/30 year mortgage. It is a common fact that private sector housing is financially profitable and council housing is not. WHY doesn’t the Goverment invest money set aside for new Council (stigmatized) estates, differently. Call it a ‘Government Housing Plan – GHP’. Job seekers can move to areas where jobs are more prolific, look for a private property suitable for their needs and then apply to for a GHP rental agreement. Whilt they pay the rent the cost of purchasing the house is deminished and the equity in the building increases. This family are now living with pride, socially integrated. Incentives to keep high moral could come in the form of Cash back incentive to help them put a deposit down on their own private property. When that family need to move on the house can be sold for profit and the profit can be re-invested in sheltered accommodation or independant living quarters for vulnerable adults.

I know that there is a great shortage of rented accommodation. Surely this idea could address that problem.

Why is this idea important?

We need to get everyone in work and work is not static so why do we continue to invest in static accommodation. Thinkin out of the box is the only way forward. Lets give it a try, it cannot fail because investing in bricks and mortar is a viable investment.

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