Before making or abolishing laws, this needs to be based on something.  As a country we are in a mess because the wrong values have been followed.  We can get out of it by substituting the right ones.

When Maggie Thatcher spoke out for competition and the profit motive, greed became aceptable overnight.  And it ushered in an era of stress and unsustainability.

Government could reverse this by speaking out for ETHICAL STANDARDS, CO-OPERATION and MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTION. Not everything of importance in life is about money. Doing qualitative work, for instance, and contributing to the community is rewarding in itself. People themselves are more important than money. A mutually supportive society would provide better inter-relationships and quality of life for all.

Further,PEOPLE ARE OUR BEST RESOURCE – not money or oil. It is people who have ideas,who create and who solve problems – and we have around 60 million of them in this country.

How many unemployed would like to contribute some piece of work/project but are hindered by bureaucracy and lack of official interest? How many on good pay might contribute some of their time without the pay dividend always attached if it became easy and normative to do so?

Why is this idea important?

I know this is not about abolishing a law:it's about abolishing an immoral set of values and replacing them with more effective and life-enhancing ones. It is important to this site because:

1] values UNDERPIN all decisions about abolishing laws. On what basis will people's selections be accepted or rejected?                                                                                                            2] Human ingenuity and the spirit of co-operation could make saviings to the economy – and it's the economy that's the problem,isn't it?

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