Commercial businesses have learnt the following cost cutting processes without damaging the front-line:

o Take out at least one level of management acros the board

o Examine managerial spans of control at all lkevels and ensure no one has less than 7-10 people to supervise

o Examine all expense line items at Government level, not departmental eg stationery, rent across the board, use displaced team members above to do this fast untuil jobs become available for them

o minimise empty space. het a list of all offices, examine people per sq ft, unused space, unused premises etc. squeeze the assets

o use buildings 24 hours per day with 3 shift systems

o  look at org charts for duplicate teams. there are many from experience

30% cost redicutions from these type of exercises in an over-bloated government is easy

I'm happy to help show you how for 2 days a week consultancy at no cost (just travel expenses).

Why is this idea important?

Will get the deficit down very fast without much effect on the front line

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