The UK Government could and should print our currency interest free not as a debt like the current system.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is VERY important as not doing so means the UK public are currently inslaved having to pay interest to private bankers who masquerade as a nationalised company and have no interest in the well being of the country. If the UK Government would stand up for the people who elect them (the real power in this country) we would be able to remove the national deficit in one fell swoop and the group of international bankers would be removed from their seat of power in this country that alows them to control all sides of party politics. Having the UK government in control of its own currency is fundimental to the freedoms of every citizen. If the UK government is printing a currency as a debt to international private banks as it is currently, then how can the UK government serve its own citizens impartialy? Put simply it cant if it needs to be granted the power to print money from an outside agency. It is this system that is the reason why banks were never really penalised for the financial crises and why the british tax payer is left  to pick up the tab. The UK Gov must wrench back control and if it did it would be the greatest gift of freedom they could give to the UK voters. As it stands any elected uk goverment will act in a cowardly fashion as the truth is these banks control the government not the other way around. However this could change.

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  1. Totally agree. The Central Banks of the world have been allowed to play this game for far too long. Time for it to end and put the power back into the hands of the people!

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