Entry to University should once again become much harder and much more competitive. Far too many who are not academically gifted get worthless degrees and end up with huge debts,no jobs,and a life on the dole when they could have been learning a useful trade.
Similarly we should restore a Grammar school system but not the iniquitous "11+" with its "one strike and you are out" mentality.Grammar schools could exist within our comprehensive schools as a sort of "elite" (don't faint ye who are politically correct !) so that those who develop late could be "promoted" at 12 or 13 without actually changing schools, and those who couldn't make the grade would simply return to the mainstream also without changing schools.
Rigorous "streaming" is essential to allow those who are able but from deprived backgrounds to make full use of their talents and put them at the service of the nation.


Why is this idea important?

Talented children from deprived backgrounds have a very hard job to make use of those talents because nobody in most secondary schools can or are able to teach them what they need to reach University standards.

The previous government's solution to this was to dumb down University courses so that those quite unsuited to be students could acquire a useless and worthless degree and a montain of debt !

It is very important that those with talent should not be ignored or wasted and equally important the University degrees have value to employers.The solution therefore of grammar schools  within comprehensive or secondary schools by means of streaming, and entry to Universities by rigorous competition is one that should be taken up without delay ! 

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