i am not here advocating the abolition of green belt but a change in attitude and policy towards it.

i think that green belt has been and is a force for good but has become detached from its origins and is now a sacred temple in the minds of people and that of the planning authorities.

BUT THE FACT IS ITS NOT A SACRED TEMPLE . its just beautifull trees and fields and lakes just like the rest of the countryside.absurd policy and attitude need to be removed and replaced with a more reasonable flexible national policy towards development in the greenbelt. i site a few examples of the absurdity of current policy.

  • if i wanted to build a 20.000sq ft agricultural building say 12 meters high….then that would not be  inappropriate development in green belt and likley approval would be given.
  • now if i wanted to sell a few small garden orniments in my garden now that is inappropriate developement in green belt and would significantly detract from the openess of the green belt. (according to stafford borough council) and approval was not given. although i do have a lot of garden orniments around my garden and thats fine(according to stafford borough council)
  • if my neighbour wanted a small bathing pool in her rear garden then that is inappropriate develpment in greenbelt which significantly detracts from the openness of green belt and conflicts with guidance contained in ppg2 greenbelts . (according to stafford borough council) and after two years of fighting it was eventually passed by the planning inspectorate. so now my neighbour ( who incidentally lives next door to a 10.000sq ft warehouse which is also in greenbelt) now has a pool in her garden which ""significantly detracts from the openness of greenbelt and conflicts with ppg2 national policy but has been allowed by the planning inspectorate.
  • 500 meters away from me and my neighbour we have a 1.000.000m sq ft factory which has been there for sixty years and is a massive complex of buildings and concrete lorry parks……the former creda factory and before that a factory for bomber aircraft production and next to that is another 20.000 sq ft warehouse……both in the green belt. but how can all this warehousing and huge factory not be inappropriate developement and not be a significant detraction from the openness of green belt? 

THIS BRINGS ME TO MY OTHER POINT yes those factorys were built before the greenbelt designation came in to being but its not the point….how can a 1.000.000sq ft of a concrete factory complexe be green belt.??……..its absurd……GREEN SHOULD MEAN GREEN

mr eric pickles please read this and get some reasonablness into planning policy and throw away these absurd green belt policies and replace them with ones that protect the countryside but allows non damaging development to take place.

Why is this idea important?

  • current green belt policy is confusing conflicting and unecessarily restrictive therefore preventing non damaging development  in rural areas and is adversely affecting peoples lives preventing people doing the simplest of things.its making people lives a missery when they have to fight for years to get say a kitchen extension first turned down by the local planning authority only to be allowed years later by the planning inspectorate

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