Green light to work in their profession to British highly qualified professionals who studied their career abroad

Highly qualified professionals with British nationality should have green light to work and develop their profession regardless of where they studied their career provided that they are competent to the responsibility is conferred to them by a transparent process of investigation rather than an obscure method of examination with no fairness.

I am a British passport holder and a qualified Dentist who studied my career in University none recognised by the General Dental Council. According to them the process of registration is by taking what they call Overseas Registration Examination “ORE”.  However as I have proved the process is totally a waste of time and money with no chances for a further review or appealing claims. It is completely a dark process as there is no one who can regulate what the General Dental Council dictate.   There are limited chances of taking the examination with high percentage of possibilities to exhaust them and no further opportunities or alternatives to contribute in a more positive way to work developing the Dentistry. There are serious faults in the examination itself, there are serious faults in the opposition to have a review of the examination and there are serious faults by no having an appealing process. The mayor complication, however, is that there isn’t a neutral institution who can work as a body regulator to investigate irregularities occurred with the General Dental Council in order to guarantee a fair and transparent process. Sadly I found myself in that situation. I have in my background more than 20 years of experience in Dentistry and I am obligated by the General Dental Council to work in the UK as a dental nurse assisting to all sort of Dentist most of them newly qualified from European countries who hardly know what they are doing but under EU regulations they have green light to come to UK to learn dentistry by practicing with British people. I am a British citizen and I am not allowed to put in practice my already 20 years of experience so the community I belong to can’t enjoy the benefit of having my fully contribution to it.


I will be more than happy if Nick Clegg can do something to help me. I gave my vote to him and I believe he can make positive changes. I would please request to past this message to the right person and I would love to receive a response soon.

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Why is this idea important?

My idea is so important as it will open the door to British Highly qualified professionals to contribute in a more positive way to the community they belong to and in general to the British Society. By having the chances to work in the profession I invested time in studied first and gained experience latter it will be creating motivation to integrate better in the society. That motivation can means more opportunities to generate new jobs for example.  In my particular case,  to work as a dentist can open a whole new world of great ideas in which the British society beside me would enjoy the fruit of it.      

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