All immigration from the EU and from outside the EU should be stopped immediately, until a sensible immigration policy, strictly policed is put in place. Then only allow in people who are going to be a positively proven benefit to the country.

Why is this idea important?

Britain is over crowded, its resources are stretched to the limit, the NHS cannot cope with the ever increasing burden of catering to the indigenous British people never mind the ever larger number of immigrants. Schools are trying to cope with large numbers of immigrant children who can't even speak our language. Our children suffer as a result. Indigenous workers are on the dole costing the country billions of pounds in benefits because foreigners are taking a disproportinate number of jobs. There is a shortage of housing partially brought on by the large influx of immigrants and it has been proved time and again that social housing is going to immigrants because of positive discrimination and the fact that immigrants are working in high powered positions using their influence to push up their brethren on the housing lists to the detriment of the indigenous people. This is NOT racist just self preservation for the British people and way of life.

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