ok, heres a daft one for you. if youve been arrested (but not charged or convicted) of ANY crime (with the exception of motoring offences) then you are not eligable to travel to USA, Australia, Canada and many other countries without going through a very costly and time consuming process.


the standard process for police in the UK is to arrest people in order to give them certain rights when people are questioned/helping with enquiries.

So heres an example (and i would point out not one that applies to me),  you go out on night, your friend starts a fight, so you (as a group) get arrested for questionning. it turns out there was a misunderstanding, there was no fight, you all go home – everything is fine – right ? no – wrong. youve got an arrest record and now you are inelligable to travel without going through the process

innocent people are potentially barred from going on holiday, because of this rule.

i understand the need and national security , but to refuse entry on the arrest (rather than charged or convicted) is frankly astonishing

Why is this idea important?

innocent people are being punished where they dont need to be.

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