Introduce a series of ‘true cost’ fines for people who insist on binge drinking and being anti social. Instead of penalising ALL drinkers just target the problem areas and those who insist on binge drinking.

Why is this idea important?

The cost of dealing with binge drinking is constantly increasing which wastes resources of the Police, Ambulance crews and the NHS so it is only fitting that should someone be caught binge drinking then they should bear the cost of it, eg if 2 Police officers attend, an ambulance then takes them to the hospital and they stay in hospital overnight to recover then the costs would be:

2 Officers @ £25/hr Ambulance Crew @ £25/hr Transport to hospital £50 Nursing and doctors @ £150/hr overnight stay in hospital @ £70/night

These charges would be applied per hour or any part thereof. In the above example someone who had 2 officer attend for 30 minute, had an ambulance , was taken to hospital and stayed overnight then the fine would be around £700, this would then be immediately payable and if it was not paid then an immediate attachment to earning order removing it from income directly, whether waged or on benefits. Under age drinkers who are found drunk will pay off their fine by being taken out on the streets and cleaning up other peoples vomit and bodily discharges and rubbish created by binge drinking.

This would have a duel effect, reducing the cost to the tax payer for binge drinking, ie Police and NHS but also targeting the offender directly by removing their ability to pay for their binge drinking

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